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NEW EU project to transform the European Electrical Network

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The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence is participating in an innovative research project, titled “OneNet: One Network for Europe”, funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 program. The OneNet project aims at creating the conditions for a new generation of grid services able to fully exploit demand response, storage, and distributed generation, while creating fair, transparent, and open conditions for the consumer. This is a large project with a budget of over 28 million euros and with 70 key partner organizations from several countries of the European Union.

Creation of a unified vision for Europe’s electricity market

The OneNet project aspires to create a unified vision for the European electricity market, involving system operators, aggregators, prosumers, and other stakeholders across Europe. To this end, throughout the project duration and afterwards, the project will develop and maintain the open forum initiative “GRIFOn”, a platform to freely discuss results with all relevant stakeholders external to the project and collect their feedback.

The key objectives of the project are the definition of a common market design for Europe, aiming to coordinate all actors, from grid operators to customers; the definition of a common IT Architecture and common IT interfaces so that anybody can join any market across Europe; and the demonstration of large-scale pilots to implement and showcase the scalable solutions developed throughout the project. These demonstrators are organized in four geographical clusters that include countries in every region of Europe.

Innovative pilot platform in Cyprus

As part of the project, the KIOS CoE in collaboration with the Electricity Authority of Cyprus and the Transmission System Operator, will develop a pilot platform, which will facilitate the efficient operation of both transmission and distribution systems. Moreover, it will enable the increased penetration of Renewable Energy Sources in the Cyprus power system and will promote the participation of prosumers and aggregators in the electricity market.

The KIOS CoE research team at the University of Cyprus participating in the project OneNet is led by Professor Christos Panayiotou and is co-supervised by Dr. Markos Asprou and Dr. Lenos Hadjidemetriou.

The project OneNet is funded through EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme. It is titled TSO – DSO Consumer: Large-scale demonstrations of innovative grid services through demand response, storage and small-scale (RES) generation and responds to the call “Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future (LC)”.