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New technology: Electricity Generation System with Zero CO2 Emissions


A research team at the KIOS Research Center at the University of Cyprus, led by the Assistant Professor Kyriakides, has successfully developed an innovative method for generating electricity with zero CO2 emissions. The technology is cutting edge with a distinguishing feature: the power output can be regulated, unlike the power output of conventional renewable energy systems whose output varies depending on the availability of wind or solar irradiation. Due to the novel configuration proposed, the electric energy out of this system will be clean, green, and regulated.  The technology has been awarded an international patent.

The successful development of this technology contributes to the target set by the European Union for energy generation using renewable sources, as well as targets for CO2 emissions, not only in Cyprus, but also in the rest of Europe.

The prototype system includes a wind turbine with an output power of 225 kW and fuel cells of 50 kW, electrical machinery and other electrical equipment. The system relies on electricity generated from renewable sources (in this case, wind energy), the production of hydrogen via electrolysis and its subsequent storage, as well as the use of fuel cells to produce dc electricity.


The connection to the grid of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) is achieved by converting the dc electricity into ac, via the patented technology. The system is being tested at various operating conditions to test the response of individual equipment, as well as to test its response to input variations or load changes, and assess the system interaction with the electricity grid.

This innovative technology was developed as part of a research project, entitled ZeroCO? financed by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, the Republic of Cyprus and the University of Cyprus.

Special thanks are also due to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus for its support in connecting and testing the system and its cooperation throughout the project. The EAC has supported the KIOS Research Center since its establishment. The EAC-KIOS collaboration in various research projects is continuous. The research results arising from these collaborations are available for use by the EAC.

Further information on the research project is available on the following web site:

Article in Simerini Newspaper: Green and Regulated Electricity Generation