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Sharing expertise: Training school for Belarusian undergraduate students


Between 5-16 February 2018, the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) organized a special Training School for undergraduate students from Belarus. The training school was part of an Erasmus+ project aiming at the reform of the educational system of Belarus in the field of Physical Sciences. During the two-week Training School, students from four different universities in Belarus were trained by the KIOS CoE Faculty and researchers on the latest technologies in power systems and renewable energy integration.

In addition, KIOS CoE contributes in the project by leveraging new technologies for the development of multimodal learning experiences. Multimodal learning focuses on developing new learning approaches which are considered to offer alternative, more effective approaches to instructional learning. This approach engages students through the use of new and emerging technologies and tools, such as e-learning, virtualization, gamification, and web conferencing.