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The KIOS CoE is part of the first installation of a large scale battery energy storage system in Cyprus.


Energy storage systems are critical for achieving a large penetration of renewable energy sources (RES) in power systems. The installation of such storage systems reduces the variability of the power generation from RES and enhances the flexibility of the power systems, especially in case of contingencies. This in turn contributes to the improvement of the reliability, security, and resilience of power systems.

The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence is breaking new ground by participating in the design and installation of the first large scale battery energy storage system in Cyprus, in the framework of the FLEXITRANSTORE project, funded through the EU Horizon2020 framework.

Specifically, an innovative demonstration will be developed in the Cyprus power system in which a battery energy storage system (BESS) is planned to be installed by the end of September at Athienou Substation. The selected substation is located in the southern part of Cyprus, where there is high demand during the summer time and significant RES production at the distribution level. The large scale BESS has rated power of 1 MW and energy capacity of approximately 2 MWh.

The BESS has been already manufactured by ABENGOA and will be shipped to Cyprus for installation. It is expected that the installation of the BESS will transform the Athienou substation into an Active Distribution Node that will facilitate the interaction between the Transmission System Operator (TSO) and the Distribution System Operator (DSO), while the BESS will be able to support the grid by providing different flexibility services in the area such as, voltage support, load peak shaving, reverse power flow minimization, congestion relief, and power oscillations damping. All these services contribute significantly to the robustness, resilience, stability, and reliability of the systems. Furthermore, through the Active Distribution Node there will be a pilot interface between the TSO and the DSO enabling the use of flexibility services from the distribution grid, which is also an innovative approach.

The operation of the BESS with the aforementioned services in the Cyprus power system is expected to demonstrate the positive impact that the energy storage systems have in the operation of power systems. It is envisioned that the wide use of energy storage will allow a larger penetration of renewable energy sources in the power system contributing significantly to the minimization of the CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants.

The FLEXITRANSTORE project aims at developing a next generation Flexible Energy Grid, for smarter and more robust power systems. The Transmission System Operator of Cyprus, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, and the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority are actively participating in this project, forming a strong academia-industry partnership from Cyprus, leading the research field at a European level. Through the FLEXITRANSTORE project, the KIOS researchers, along with the industrial partners, develop and demonstrate new approaches for renewable sources integration and storage technologies through large scale pilot installations.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774407.