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The KIOS Research Center was selected to lead a networking session at “Europe’s most visible forum for ICT research and innovation”

The KIOS Research Center of the University of Cyprus was selected to lead a networking session, at the recent EU ICT 2010 Conference, following a competitive application process where only a few of the applicants were chosen to lead a networking session. The networking session, coordinated by KIOS Faculty and Researchers, was entitled Trustworthy Critical Infrastructure Systems and was designed to facilitate an open discussion on intelligent control and security of Critical Infrastructure Systems with key players from academia and industry. This emphasizes a positive recognition at European levels of research undertakings in Cyprus and reflects the significant contribution Cyprus can make towards research in the field of Trustworthy Critical Infrastructure Systems – ICT.
The EU ICT 2010 Conference which is organized biannually by the European Commission and this year is hosted by the Belgian Presidency of the European Union attracted over 6000 participants worldwide. This biennial event was a unique gathering point for researchers, business people, investors, and high level policy makers in the field of digital innovation. Through a programme of speeches, workshops, and networking sessions the Conference provided a valuable forum from which the latest research trends in information and communication technologies could be explored including policy priorities such as Europe’s Digital Agenda and the 2011-2012 financial programme (€2.8 billion) of the European Union for funding research and innovation in ICT. There was a 10.000 m² exhibition of Europe’s latest cutting edge ICT research and a carefully selected programme of networking session on topics of key relevance for ICT.

For more information on the conference please click here.

The networking session entitled Trustworthy Critical Infrastructure Systems took place on the third day of the ICT 2010 Conference (29th September 2010). The session attended by over 50 participants was organized by KIOS Research Center (Univ. of Cyprus), with the support of the European Organization for Security (EOS). This session will looked into the protection of Critical Infrastructure Systems at a European level, including security of Critical ICT.
For more information on Trustworthy Critical Infrastructure Systems networking sessions please click here.