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Three KIOS Post-Doctoral Researchers are awarded Marie Curie Fellowships


Three Post-Doctoral Research Fellows working at the KIOS Research Center of the University of Cyprus have been awarded prestigious Research Fellowships for research from the EU Marie Curie Action Grants. The Marie Curie Action grants offer researchers new opportunities for improving their research skills and enhancing their career prospects by joining established research teams. The three researchers received grants to undertake research at internationally acclaimed academic institutions in Cyprus, France, and the UK. Post-Doctoral Researchers Drs. Konstantinos Manousakis, Nicoletta Nicolaou, and Vasso Reppa were awarded the grants following an extremely competitive selection process with the success rate for these types of proposals being in the order of 10%.

The individual successes of the KIOS researchers are commendable. To obtain such a competitive grant is an important milestone in their research career and the experience gained from their Fellowships will enhance their training and improve their competences. All three researchers are pursuing important scientific research directions to develop technologies relevant to everyday life and offering important technological solutions to global research challenges.

Dr. Vasso Reppa will carry out research at Sup?lec, one of France’s prestigious Grandes Ecoles and amongst the top in the field of electrical and computer engineering at international level. Dr. Nicoletta Nicolaou will undertake research at Imperial College London (Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology, Institute of Biomedical Engineering). Imperial College London is rated amongst the world’s best universities and has an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Dr. Konstantinos Manousakis, a graduate from the University of Patras, was awarded a research Fellowship at the University of Cyprus and specifically at the KIOS Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks.