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Two new EU funded projects at the KIOS CoE related to smart energy management and control

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The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) at the University of Cyprus participates in two new research projects, funded by EU Horizon2020, related to smart energy management and control. Through these projects, the KIOS CoE will develop novel methodologies and techniques to address challenges related to the energy sector, such as the efficiency, stability and reliability of the power systems and the integration of Renewable Energy Sources.

The first project, “Smart5Grid – Demonstration of 5G Solutions for Smart Energy Grids of the Future”, aims to develop 5G solutions for building innovative and high performance smart grids able to feature online monitoring data and enable efficient, fast, and secure operation. A major contribution of the KIOS CoE in this project is the development of a pre-piloting platform integrating 5G technology and state of the art Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Power System Operation environment, aiming to validate the use-case of specific NetApps in a realistic operational environment before they are deployed in the field. It is expected that the project’s results will substantially improve the management of energy consumption, reduce the transmission losses and carbon emissions, and contribute to the revolution of the energy systems. The “Smart5Grid” project is part of the third phase of 5G-PPP (public private partnership) Programme funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020, which focuses on 5G technology demonstration in industry verticals.

The second project, “ENERMAN – Energy-efficient Manufacturing System Management”, aims to develop valuable tools to enable factories to improve their energy efficiency by monitoring energy-related data. Specifically, the project will create an energy sustainability management framework, collecting data from the factory and holistically process them to create dedicated energy sustainability metrics. These values will be used to predict energy trends using industrial processes, equipment, and energy cost models. The project’s results will be the reduction of energy consumption of the production processes, the decrease of energy costs, and the reduction of gas emissions. Within this context, the KIOS CoE will conduct innovation activities in the areas of intelligence decision support systems and modelling, as well as industrial control systems.

Through the participation in several research projects, the KIOS CoE is successfully continuing its research and innovation activities, through which innovative methodologies and tools related to the energy sector are being developed and used.