Latest News and Updates
list_arrow06/02/2014 Open Positions: "Undergraduate Summer 2014 Internship".
list_arrow15/01/2014 PhD Defense: "Real-Time Hardware Acceleration of Object Detection for Intelligent Embedded Vision Systems".
list_arrow04/12/2013 Seminar Invitation: "A Fluoroscopic Cancer Screening Capsule For The Small Intestine".
list_arrow18/11/2013 CDC - satellite Workshop related to the EU project FACIES, 14th December 2013, Florence, Rome.
list_arrow23/10/2013  Seminar: "Connected vehicles and their potential to alleviate cyber-physical congestion".
list_arrow16/10/2013 Seminar: "The Effect of Dielectric Covers on Impulse Behavior of Non-uniform Gaps".
list_arrow08/10/2013 "Distinguished International Award for KIOS Researcher Markos Asprou".
list_arrow07/10/2013 "Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security".
list_arrow07/10/2013 "Best Poster Award at the IEEE 17th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling".
list_arrow24/09/2013 KIOS led ESF COST Action - IntelliCIS introduced to MEPs as Example of Best-Practice.
list_arrow12/09/2013 "Computational Approaches in Oncology: From Genes and Proteins to Macroscopi Tumor Growth".
list_arrow11/09/2013 Seminar: "Mobility Management in WSNs: A Performance Control Approach".
list_arrow09/09/2013 Joint Workshop "From Monitoring and Control of Large Scale Systems to Affine Arithmetic".



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The KIOS Research Center is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Promotion Foundation (New Infrastructure Project/Strategic/0308/26).