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A further 6 students complete the KIOS Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

This summer a further six students participated in the summer internship program for undergraduate young researchers called the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), run by the KIOS Research Center. UROP’s aim is to encourage young people to participate in research and to nurture the skills, experience, and confidence required for such an endeavor.

The UROP program has been running each summer for the last 4 years.  Between 2009 and 2012, a total of 17 students successfully completed the program. The students participated in research spanning a variety of research areas such as renewable energy, ICT for health, and telecommunication networks.

The following students have graduated from the UROPs program:

  1. Giorgos Eracleous
  2. Theophilos Phokas
  3. Prokopis Prokopiou
  4. Yiannis Paparistodemou
  5. Andreas Antoniou
  6. Andreas Prodromou
  7. Elena Polycarpou
  8. Miltiades Hadjioannou
  9. Christos Frangeskou
  10. Angelos Hadjiantonis
  11. Eleni Proxenou
  12. Christina Themistocleous
  13. Ioannis A.Yiannaki
  14. Martinianos Papadopoulos
  15. Marios Chatziantonis
  16. Andreas Kasis
  17. Charalampos Menelaou

Feedback from UROPs participants

“My experience at the KIOS Research Center was very fulfilling and enlightening. It was extremely rewarding to be involved in research and to have the opportunity to build a wind turbine from scratch. The sourcing of material and learning about their properties as well as the search for tradesmen able to build various components was at times frustrating but also rewarding when our efforts yielded successful results.” Christos Frangeskou

“My participation in UROP has been a remarkable developmental experience. Having the opportunity to research different types of source material and to evaluate the credibility of different scientific claims has definitely helped to improve my research skills and to develop my knowledge in my study area. Sharing ideas, opinions and knowledge, has helped me to absorb, learn, and improve my skills.” Christina Themistocleous

“Working on the routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) problem for the UROP program gave me the opportunity to improve my knowledge in the field of Fiber Optics and to understand the way research is carried out. Furthermore, working with experienced academics, I was able to learn valuable research skills and how to apply research methodologies to specific issues. It was a great experience, which broadened my horizons and encouraged new ways of thinking.” Ioannis A.Yiannaki

“This summer, I had the opportunity to gain valuable experience, skills, and knowledge. Observing how researchers work, cooperate, and overcome research challenges was an invaluable experience that changed the way I think. I developed new skills and was able to appreciate the value of research and how it can have a positive impact on society at large. Throughout the entire program I had the support of my advisor and the other KIOS researchers. I hope I will be lucky enough in the future to work with them again. For me, the KIOS Undergraduate Research Opportunity was indeed an excellent opportunity.”Eleni Proxenou

“The UROP program gave me the opportunity to collaborate with other people from a variety of research disciplines. With guidance from my advisor I learned how to conduct research. I believe the experience was unique. I am able to add this experience to my CV, which will undoubtedly be beneficial for my future career. ” Angelos Hadjiantonis