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ADVANCEDGRIDS: Enabling the Integration of Wide Area Measurement Systems in the Electric Power Grids of Cyprus and Romania

Synchronized measurements obtained via instruments equipped with GPS technology are envisioned to enable power systems operators to have a wide area, real-time picture of their system. Synchronized measurement technology is penetrating power systems worldwide; researchers and electric utilities are working on maximizing its use for enhancing the reliability and security of power systems. With the advent of synchronized measurement technology, there is an urgent need to design novel hybrid state estimators that will incorporate measurement uncertainty, data aggregation, and processing issues such as to enable the wide area monitoring of power systems.

The aim of ADVANCEDGRIDS is to develop methodologies for real-time monitoring of power systems using synchronized measurement technology. The ongoing collaborations with distribution and transmission system operators both in Romania and Cyprus ensure access to real system data and the direct applicability of the results.

The main benefits of the project are the enhanced visualization of power systems, the development of a novel hybrid state estimator and its testing on the Cyprus and Romanian power systems, and the development of real-time monitoring and security methodologies. The proposed project is a critical contribution to the enhancement of the operational capability of the power system. It is envisioned that the innovations in the project will act as very useful tools to the utilities in ensuring stable, reliable, and better quality electricity to their customers.

This project is funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and the Romanian National Authority for Research, through the Program of Bilateral Cooperation between Cyprus and Romania. The KIOS research team in this project is led by Dr. Elias Kyriakides.