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Invited talk: Malloc: From pre-seed to YC and almost $2M seed round in a year

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The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence at the University of Cyprus presents a talk by its Alumni Maria Terzi, Liza Charalambous and Artemis Kontou, from Malloc Inc., a successful privacy and data security start up that received funding from the Cyprus Research Innovation Foundation (NextGenerationEU) and Y Combinator!!

Presentation Title: Malloc: From pre-seed to YC and almost $2M seed round in a year

Date & Time: 21/03/22 @ 11:00

Room: B108 (Anastasios Leventis Building, University of Cyprus)

Malloc is a privacy and data security startup created by three KIOS CoE Alumni, after receiving pre-seed funding from the Research Innovation Foundation and in collaboration with KIOS CoE. Malloc protects your phone from spyware by monitoring and preventing anyone from recording or transmitting data without you knowing. Its debut app Antistalker Mobile Security, is available on the Google Play store.

Malloc is the first Cypriot startup that joined Y Combinator – the top accelerator in the world, and has grown from an idea to a working app, 100K active users, and almost $2M investment in a year.

In this talk, Maria, Liza and Artemis will give you insights on the product, its market potential and share unique experiences, key moments, knowledge, and lessons learned from this journey.

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