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KIOS CoE: the first in Cyprus to qualify as a KETs Center


KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence is the first Center in Cyprus to be included on the EU map of KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) Centers. KETs Centers are selected following a formal process of selection and are chosen based on their capacity to carry out applied research and close-to-market innovation (Technology Readiness Levels TRL 3 to 8) in Key Enabling Technologies.

This is very significant as Key Enabling Technologies are a group of six technologies prioritised as areas of huge growth potential capable of fuelling economic growth and providing the basis for innovation in a wide range of industries such as energy, telecommunications, and ICT. In addition, they are recognised as technologies capable of enabling innovative solutions that can help tackle key societal challenges.

Within this context, the KETs map is being developed to provide opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to accelerate the process of marketing their most innovative products through easier access to technology expertise and facilities for validation, including demonstration, proof of concept/lab testing and prototype development and testing.

SMEs and organisations in Cyprus and the wider area can now have better visibility and exploitation opportunities of the services provided by the Center through the KIOS Innovation Hub that brings together research experts, industry, and innovation-focused enterprises to create an ecosystem that spans the entire innovation cycle from the conception of an idea to technology commercialization. The Center specializes in monitoring, control, management, and security of critical infrastructures.