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KIOS Innovation Hub: Bringing research experts, industry, and innovation-focused enterprises together


The KIOS Innovation and Research Center of Excellence (CoE) is proud to announce the launch of KIOS Innovation Hub, a new research and innovation unit within KIOS CoE, aiming to provide research and innovation ICT services related to monitoring, control, management and security of Critical Infrastructures. KIOS Innovation Hub translates innovative activities to successful products in order to promote a knowledge-based economy and bring new employment opportunities in high-tech areas as well as new ideas for economic growth in Cyprus and Europe as a whole.

KIOS Innovation Hub was initially formed in 2017 as one of the five pillars of KIOS CoE. Its ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem that spans the entire innovation cycle from the conception of an idea to technology commercialization. This will be achieved through the enhancement of synergies amongst research/academia, industry, the public sector, as well as local and EU authorities. These collaborations focus on tackling key societal challenges with an emphasis on improving the efficient and effective operation of Critical Infrastructures in Cyprus. A critical objective of the KIOS Innovation Hub is the partnership with industry for the development of holistic and viable solutions that will improve the performance of infrastructures such as power distribution systems, water distribution networks, transportation and telecommunication networks, as well as emergency response systems. This will trigger the creation of new innovative products in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and stimulate talent transfer to and from industry.

The KIOS Innovation Hub has created an Industrial Membership Program to enable interested organizations to join the Hub’s activities. This Program is suitable for operators of Critical Infrastructure systems and regulators, related commercial and governmental organizations and innovative SMEs. Participating organizations are beneficiaries and can exploit the research and technology outputs of the KIOS CoE. The Industrial Membership Program includes two membership levels (Members and Partners) with significant benefits and privileges such as collaboration in EU/National project proposals, participation in networking and collaboration events and individualized R&D (custom projects). More information about the full benefits of the Industrial Membership Program can be found here.

Several prominent industrial organizations and governmental bodies have already joined the KIOS Innovation Hub as members or partners:

  • Cyprus Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works
  • Water Development Department (Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Natural Resources and Environment)
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Electricity Authority of Cyprus
  • Cyprus Police
  • Waterboard of Limassol
  • Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (CYTA)
  • Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority
  • Cyprus Transmission Systems Operator
  • Huawei
  • ARX Global

More members are encouraged to join the KIOS Innovation Hub by choosing one of the available membership schemes (annual collaboration, fee-based, renewed every year).

The KIOS Innovation Hub is keen to generate value for its Members and Partners, as well as to produce, maintain and protect the intellectual property generated by KIOS CoE or jointly generated by KIOS CoE and its members/partners. This is of utmost importance as it will contribute to the long term sustainability of KIOS CoE.