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KIOS Workshop on Intelligent Systems and Networks

One of the key challenges in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is the integration of networked computing with physical systems and processes. In this framework, embedded computers add to physical systems significant new capabilities which are further extended when computers are networked and communicate with each other. Such integration is leading to a new generation of devices and intelligent systems that can adapt to malfunctions, cooperate and evolve during operation to become more efficient, fault tolerant and trustworthy.

This exciting and challenging new research area is the main focus of the KIOS Research Center, both in terms of fundamental (basic) research as well as in the application of such systems in various contexts. On one hand, there is a wide spectrum of relevant applications, ranging from small devices for healthcare delivery, to large-scale critical infrastructure systems such as the electric power grid. On the other hand, the new system capabilities enable emerging new behaviors that necessitate rigorous investigation in order to be better understood and applied in practical settings. Successful solutions in the area of intelligent networked embedded systems require the harmonious integration of hardware and embedded software/algorithmic components. Therefore, the key objective of the KIOS Center is to blend theory with applications and integrate embedded software/algorithms with hardware devices.

Recognizing that research in intelligent networked embedded systems requires multidisciplinary expertise, the KIOS research team specializes in a wide range of fundamental areas, such as systems and control, distributed systems and algorithms, graph theory and optimization, computational intelligence, electronic hardware design, testing and diagnosis, as well as in the application of these techniques to healthcare delivery, power systems, communication networks, water distribution networks and transportation systems.

The 4th KIOS Workshop will take place on 10th of June 2014, at University of Cyprus and will include keynote presentations from internationally accomplished experts and pioneers, followed by poster sessions demonstrating specific research activity covering a variety of research fields and spanning the range of expertise of the Center.

The KIOS Research Center is pleased to announce the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nicos Anastasiades will address the workshop this year.

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