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HVDC-WISE: Acceleration of integration of renewables into the European transmission system

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The innovative research project entitled “HVDC-WISE” (High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology), funded by the EU’s Horizon Europe program and the UK Research and Innovation Horizon Europe Guarantee scheme, aims to design reliable and resilient power transmission grids to accelerate the integration of renewables across Europe and UK.

The European Commission has defined plans for the development of renewable energies to reach climate neutrality by 2050. This change in production of electricity from fossil fuels to wind and solar power generation will lead to dramatic changes in power flows across AC transmission networks, affecting their reliability and resilience. At the same time, major climate, cyber and physical hazards, can have an impact on the integrity of the power system. High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) is increasingly being recognized as the most effective technology to address these energy challenges and thus to support Europe in achieving its climate targets.

The overall objective of the HVDC-WISE project is to propose, analyse, design, and validate HVDC-based grid architecture concepts to enable the deployment of reliable and resilient widespread AC/DC transmission grids to achieve the European energy transition.

The project’s results will substantially contribute towards the transformation of the EU energy system, thus acceleration of its green transition. Specifically, transmission losses will be reduced using HVDC technology, greater capacity and power capabilities for energy transport will be created, the integration of renewable energy system and the Inter-Area Energy Trade will be facilitated.

The HVDC-WISE consortium brings together world class academia, strong research institutes, a consulting service company, and major European energy industry with expertise and know-how in relation to the needs and requirements of the energy grid. The project is led by SuperGrid Institute, based in France.

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HVDC-WISE is supported by the European Union’s Horizon Europe program under agreement 101075424 and by the UK Research and Innovation Horizon Europe Guarantee Scheme.


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