The Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded in 2009 for carrying out activities related to the promotion of renewable energy, energy saving and sustainable transport and urban mobility. CEA advises special Advisory Committee, which brings together adjoining European organizations, European and international networks, and many institutional organizations from Cyprus. CEA’s mission is to be an information point of the local society, providing education and vocational training, as well as point of promoting local and European partnerships and research and development, enhancing the role of local authorities in the sustainable energy planning issues, with a view to protecting the environment, the promotion of RES, energy saving and sustainable transport. The educational activities of the CEA are classified among the 10 best in Europe based on the “Local Energy Action Awards 2012”.

For the implementation of its goals and objectives, CEA has organized numerous conferences, training seminars, meetings and workshops, which strengthen the links of cooperation between CEA and local actors. Up today CEA has participated in more than 22 EU/National co-funded projects (MED, ENPI, IEE, INTERREG IVC, Build up Skills, Horizon 2020, Life Long Learning etc.), and cover a wide range of topics. It is remarkable that the project WE-qualify (coordinated by CEA) was selected for the EUSEW Awards 2016, from almost 200 very high quality applications.

Relevant project/activities

  1. PRISMI – Promoting RES Integration for Smart Mediterranean Islands, Interreg MED 2014-2020, Amount: €599,573. Amount for CEA: €74,870. Nov. 2016-Apr. 2018
  2. SMILEGOV – Enhancing efficient implementation of sustainable energy action plans in European islands through reinforcement of smart multilevel governance, Intelligent Energy Europe, Amount: €1,521,738. Amount for CEA: €54,852. 2013-Sep. 2015.
  3. ISLE-PACT – Sustainable energy actions for islands, DG Energy, Amount: €3,737,493. Amount for CEA: €173,233. Feb 2010-Nov 2012.