This WP aims to improve the monitoring and control applications currently being utilized in the Cyprus power grid, by either upgrading them or proposing new alternative methodologies. Thus, in the same context, the following tasks propose innovative methods for the enhancement of the power system. This WP supports Specific Objectives 2, 3, 4, 6 and General Objectives A and B. 


D4.1: Report on the algorithm of the dynamic state estimation (UCY – Month 18) – Completed

D4.2: Report on the RES reactive support and WAC schemes (UCY – Month 35) – Completed
Includes simulation results on the reactive support of RESs and the methodology of WAC for generators, RESs and storage technologies.

D4.3: Methodology for estimation and management of the system inertia (TSOC – Month 32) – Completed
Includes the online estimation of generator inertia and virtual inertia control strategies.

D4.4: Report on the optimization of the load shedding schemes (TSOC – Month 35) – Completed
Includes the updated load shedding tables, a fairness policy and a new load shedding scheme.

Timing and role of partners

Months: 1-35

WP Leader: UCY

WP Participants: TSOC, EAC, CERA, TPAD