The aim of this WP is to design and evaluate the innovative EMPOWER software platform. The platform will be installed at the TSOC with the purpose of utilizing research-based software modules developed by UCY (e.g. state estimation, wide area monitoring/control, load shedding/modelling and grid parameter estimation), together with data from the grid (as shown in Fig. 1 in Section B1.2). The platform will be able to connect to the SCADA and the PDC and store the data in a NoSQL database. The Backend server will handle all the communication between the different software modules, and the platform will be equipped with big-data analytics capabilities and will support GIS models. The platform will be able to create and execute tasks, from the collection of “Smart Modules”. The results will be visualized to the operator through a web-based interface. This WP supports Specific Objectives 2-7 and General Objectives A and B.


D7.1: Technical report regarding the platform requirements, specifications and communication standards (Report) (PHOEBE – Month 4) – Completed

D7.2: Technical report regarding the library of software modules (Report) (UCY – Month 44) – Completed

D7.3: Technical report describing the integrated platform (Report) (PHOEBE – Month 44) – Completed

D7.4: Evaluation report of the platform by the National Energy Control Center of Cyprus (TSOC – Month 44) – Completed

Timing and role of partners

Months: 1-44

WP Leader: PHOEBE 

WP Participants: UCY, TSOC, EAC