This WP involves all activities necessary to efficiently and effectively manage the project. UCY leads this work package, with contributions from all partners. All participants will be responsible for coordinating the scientific and administrative aspects in accordance to the grant agreement. UCY will coordinate the consortium ensuring due adherence to contractual obligations and associated delivery of the work plan. Professor Kyriakides is an experienced coordinator of EU projects having managed over 16 projects funded by the EU RTD Framework Programme, the EU structural funds, and the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation.

Each beneficiary will appoint its coordinator/contact person, who will handle the issues at the partner’s level. A Financial Manager at the Host Organization will have the overall responsibility of the project finances and will oversee expenditures based on the progress of the project. This WP supports General Objective D.


D1.1: Consortium Agreement (UCY – Month 0)  – Completed

D1.2: Quality Management Plan (UCY – Month 3) – Completed

D1.3: Project Handbook (UCY – Month 3 draft; Month 44 final) – Completed

D1.4: Data Management Plan (UCY – Month 6) – Completed

D1.5: Midterm technical and financial report (UCY – Month 18) – Completed

D1.6: Final technical and financial report (UCY – Month 44) – Completed

D1.7: Minutes of consortium meetings (UCY – Month 18 draft; Month 44 final) – Completed

Timing and role of partners

Months: 1-44

WP Leader: UCY 

WP Participants: TSOC, EAC, Phoebe, CERA, DT, TPAD, OEB, CEA, MCIT