General objectives of EMPOWER

A. Evolve the Cyprus power system: This project proposes the development of cutting-edge solutions based on ICT (e.g., innovative real-time monitoring and control tools, storage solutions) for evolving the Cyprus power system.

B. Increase the share of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the energy mix of Cyprus: The improved monitoring and control capabilities that will be provided through this project in combination with the flexibilities obtained by the integration of different storage solutions will extend the maximum allowable installed capacity of RES in the islanded power system of Cyprus without risking the system integrity. 

C. Overcome the economic crisis and improve the quality of life in Cyprus: It is envisioned that there will be great socio-economic benefits by modernizing the Cyprus power system through this project.

D. Develop important ties and synergies between members of the quadruple helix: This project builds on a high quality, complementary and multidisciplinary consortium that will create essential synergies between members of the quadruple helix as required by the call, build a critical mass of researchers, and develop young scientists for performing high-level research.