This work package focuses on investigating, planning and organizing the project’s exploitation strategy followed by the implementation of suitable measures for the wider exploitation of the project results so that they will continue to exist beyond the project lifecycle. Furthermore, the ambition is to make the project’s results available and encourage in fact other potentially interested stakeholders and business partners to utilize them and engage in that respect in a two-way communication and facilitate networking with the scientific community, regional, national and European decision-makers and the interested public.

The vision of the EMPOWER consortium is to develop a platform tailored to the needs of the project partner TSOC. The intention is for this platform to be integrated and be fully functional within the TSOC National Control Center. The consortium will also explore the wider development of the platform as a product for wider utilization by other TSO’s within the EU and internationally, who could benefit from the deployment of the platform by partners in the consortium.

Besides the platform, several other tools and technologies will be developed that can also be exploited by the consortium. The technical and economic studies performed during the project (e.g., for the storage solutions) will be exploited through the regulating authority and the Ministry, for developing new guidelines and regulations to regulate the use of storage in the Cyprus grid.

The appointed Exploitation Manager will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the exploitation plan.

This work package contributes to specific objectives C and D. As required by the call, a report on the impact of the project results will be produced two years after the completion of the project. This report is included in this WP as deliverable D8.9.


D8.1: End-user exploitation analysis report (DT – Month 44) – Completed
To flag any issues regarding the exploitation of the platform by the project’s immediate end-user for informing further action needed for the successful integration and long term use of systems.

D8.2: Policy-based recommendations (DT – Month 44) – Completed
Set of policy recommendations that contribute towards a “smarter” power system.

D8.3: Standardization Report (DT – Month 44) – Completed
To maximize compatibility, interoperability, safety, and repeatability of the platform integration to the TSOC network and those of energy providers.

D8.4: Commercialization plan for storage solutions and software tool (DT – Month 44) – Completed
To comprise a complete assessment and analysis of the dynamics of the project’s results to support the decisions of the consortium regarding the commercial exploitation.

D8.5: IPR Management Agreement (UCY-Month 44) – Completed
To manage IPR issues during the implementation of the Commercialization Plan.

D8.6: Plan for exploitation, commercialization and sustainability (DT – Month 12 (draft), updated every six months; Month 44 final) – Completed
The plan will be produced within the first six months of the project and updated every six months to reflect the progress made with relevant stakeholders and commercialization outcome.

D8.7: Report on exploitation, commercialization and sustainability activities (Month 44) – Completed
To report the activities undertaken to encourage the exploitation of the project results.

D8.8: Open source strategy (PHOEBE – Month 44) – Completed
To manage and organize material than can be made available as open source and mechanisms to be used to widen access.

D8.9: Report on the impact of the project results (UCY – Month 60)
As required by the call, two years after the completion of the project.

Timing and role of partners

Months: 10-44

WP Leader: DT 

WP Participants: UCY, TSOC, EAC, Phoebe, CERA, TPAD, OEB, CEA, MCIT