This WP aims to increase the accuracy of the dynamic models for precise determination of the Cyprus power system stability margins. This goal will be achieved through the development of dynamic load models, the updating of the existing parameters of the generators’ controllers, the refinement of transmission line parameters, and the calibration of the online instrument transformers. This WP supports Specific Objective 5 and General Objective A.


D5.1: Report on the dynamic load models of the Cyprus power system (TSOC – Month 35) – Completed
Includes the methodology used for determining the dynamic load models.

D5.2: Report on the dynamic models and parameters of generators (TSOC – Month 41) 
– Completed
Includes the investigation for the optimal refinement of the generator controller parameters.

D5.3: Report on the methods for calibrating and tuning network parameters (EAC – Month 41) 
– Completed
Includes the transmission line parameters’ refinement and calibration of instrument transformers.

Timing and role of partners

Months: 10-41

WP Leader: TSOC 

WP Participants: UCY, EAC