This project builds on a high quality, complementary and multidisciplinary consortium that will create essential synergies between members of the quadruple helix of the Cyprus economy, build a critical mass of researchers, and develop young scientists for performing high-level research.

The consortium is led by the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (University of Cyprus), which is the largest research center in Cyprus. Τhe consortium comprises the Transmission System Operator – Cyprus, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (owner of the transmission and distribution system and distribution system operator), the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority, the Ministry of Energy (the Regulator and the Ministry are the policy makers in Cyprus), TPAD (wind farm operator), Phoebe Innovations (big data R&D SME), Deloitte Limited with expertise in impact analysis for energy projects, the federation of employers and industry companies with special interest in energy, and the non-profit Cyprus Energy Agency with special interest in analysis and dissemination of energy projects to the general public.

Such a multidisciplinary consortium can guarantee the successful completion of the project and can contribute significantly to the RTDI strategy of Cyprus leading to sufficient economic development.